Hello lovelees❤️ I am loving this Fall weather! I can’t wait to drink Pumpkin Spice lattes and go on hayrides. Today’s post is going to be a review on the I Want It All Palette from Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection. I knew I wanted this palette because of the super cute pink packaging. It was giving me such girly vibes! To see my thoughts and swatches, keep reading. 

I Want It All Palette


We must start with the packaging, the eyeshadows come in a sturdy cardboard that opens up like a book. The right side of the palette contains 9 eyeshadows, 3 shimmers, and 6 matte shades. It also comes with a blush and highlighter. On the left side of the palette is a heart shaped mirror, I love little details like this in packaging. My favorite part is the palette is covered in pink glitter and not the kind that gets everywhere. 


I Want It All Palette swatches


I Want It All Palette swatches
Blush & Highlight


I love how fun and girly this palette is, this is one of Kylie’s better palettes. The eyeshadows have the same formula as her Burgundy Palette which is one of my favorites. All the shades are pigmented, the shimmers can be used wet for a more intense application. The mattes are also pigmented and blend nicely. The blush in this palette is becoming one of my favorites because it’s a beautiful pink shade and applies nicely. The highlighter is a little glittery but when built up it can be blinding, my favorite place to use the highlighter is in my inner corners. I also love how this palette is perfect for traveling since it has everything in one place. Even though this palette is on the higher end at $54.00 I recommend this palette! because I love being able to create an entire look with only one palette. 


For more info: 

https://www.kyliecosmetics.com/I Want It All Palette

Price: $54.00

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SOO PRETTY!!!! Love your review and obsessed with the colors and packaging! Ugh! 😍 If she made it in black packaging with blacks and browns and golds I would totally buy it!


Thanks so much love <3 thats a good idea ! I would definitely buy it if she came out with a 2nd edition just like you described