Hey lovelees ♥  This website has gotten a much-needed makeover and I am so happy with my new blog design. I am always trying to think of ways to make my blog look better or thinking of ways to improve my blog. I will include links to some websites I like to use to find freebies and discuss where my blog design came from. If you’re interested then keep reading. 

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I was contacted about a year ago by Elena from Blogerize, they wanted to create a new blog layout for me. I was able to tell them what I wanted and the color scheme I had in mind, within a couple of days, Elena sent me the design to approve. It was so clean looking and really took my blog to the next level. Elena and the whole Blogerize team were so accommodating and answered all of my questions. At that time though I was told I had to self-host to use a different theme and I wasn’t ready to do that. I explained this to Elena and she understood.   

About Blogerize

Blogerize is a unique online course for people that want to start blogging and pursue a career as a blogger.

Making the Transition

A year went by and I finally decided to change my site over to a self-hosted site, I emailed Elena (1 year later) to tell her I wanted to use the design they created for me a year ago. She emailed me back right away and was so awesome about the whole thing. I used the theme they customized for me but I was able to add my flair to it. I couldn’t believe the service and loyalty I received from the Blogerize team. So this “new new” site is thanks to Elena and her awesome team of designers for helping out smaller blogs.

I highly recommend their site, they have online courses to help bloggers and specialize in blog design. 

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For more info: http://blogerize.com/

For Blog Freebies (graphics & fonts): http://dlolleyshelp.blogspot.com/

I am doing more research on other sites that have freebies or helpful blog related content and I will share them with you. Stay tuned.

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Looks great! I am currently talking with Elena from Blogerize. She has been very patient with my long list of questions…lol. I am just deciding if I want to move into the self hosted world now. Thanks for posting about your journey with them. Helps me make my decision.


Your welcome, I am glad it helped you 😘


Thanks for you advice. I just had my blog redesigned by Elena. So happy I did it 😊 http://www.leopardprintismyblack.com


I am so glad you like it ! I definitely have to check it out


Hi there! I just got an email from elena and I’ve been doing my research and found your post to be the most recent and informative. But I was just wondering if this was free? She said it was but does that mean a complete new blog design and self hosting for free? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! Have a nice day!


Hey hun thank you, no hosting is not free you have to pay annually to be self hosted. I use siteground and I really love it. Make sure your followers will transfer over, your older post likes won’t transfer over. The website design Elena creates for you will be free. Hope this helps, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you😘


Do you have to pay for their services at all besides self-hosting?


No not at all