Happy New Year loves ♥ I am so excited what this year will bring. Some goals I have for 2016 are….

I plan to focus more on my blog and create content that my viewers will enjoy. I was accepted into a couple of networks that work with brands so we will see where that will lead me.

Since I  just got married in August. I want to work on my marriage, because even though we may have our ups and downs. The key to a lasting relationship is communication. 

I want to continue to grow my following on all social media. I am almost at 1,000 followers on Instagram which is so exciting for me. Follow me here  I always follow back 🙂

I also want to travel more, the hubby and I have been working on that. We will be in Mexico next week and I plan to do a blog post on our adventures.

I plan to have a giveaway for my followers soon, so look out for that!

What are some your goals for this year? Share below.

XOXO Lalee

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I’ve followed you on instagram! Also I can’t wait for your blog post about your visit to Mexico! -Tash x


I followed you back 🙂 Thanks love I am so excited will be my first time there.


Great post! I really love your blog! Keep up the good work 😊💗 Gem xoxo


Thanks so much love that’s so sweet and means a lot 🙂


I also want to travel more, hopefully the trip we are planning will work out. Great post! I have one of my goals for the year, check it out here https://mylifeinmedschoolblog.wordpress.com/


Thanks so much love 🙂 yes there’s so much to see in the world. I will check out your posts. Good luck on your trip 😘❤️ thanks for the follow on Instagram also!