Hey lovelees❤️ Today’s post is going to be a blog collaboration with my blog sis Kristina Coelho from Laugh Love and Hippie  we decided to collab to create eye looks using the Morphe 35O2 Palette. I created a night time look and Kristina created a beautiful daytime look. To see our looks, keep reading. Details on my night look will be below. 

Glam Night Eye Look


Glam Day Eye Look 


I hope you enjoyed our looks! The Morphe 35O2 is such a versatile palette you can create a gorgeous day look or even a sultry night look! The shades are so pigmented and blend like a dream. I will list steps below on how I created this glam smokey nighttime look. Kristina (Laugh Love and Hippie) will also share her details on how she got her daytime look on her page.


  1. Using a flat shader brush pack on Brave on the Lid. 
  2. Using a fluffy blending brush add Universal to the crease. 
  3. Using the same brush take Contour & blend in the crease.
  4. Use a smaller flat shader brush and take Muddy and pack that on the right side and left side of the eye leaving the center of the eye open.
  5. Use a flat shader brush and wet it to intensify Zippy then apply to the center of the lidyou want this shade to stand out. 
  6. Use a small definer brush to add Pure (next to Universal) to your inner corner. 
  7. Use an eyeliner brush and the shade Whiz to create a smokey effect.
  8. Add your favorite lashes, I used I-Envy in the style, Kayla.
  9. Lastly, I applied Muddy & Contour on the lower lash line to finish the look.

I hope you enjoyed this collab! Don’t forget to subscribe to my friend’s blog                        Laugh Love and Hippie she’s a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and her posts are amazing. 

Thank you again, Kristina, for collaborating with me!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Don’t forget to follow for more beauty posts❤️XOXO Lalee (1)

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LOVE your collab! You guys are so stunning! <3


Thanks so much lovely <3


This was soooo much fun!! We should do collaborations all the time! haha. I love the way your night time look came out! Totally going to copy you <3 Love you my highlighting sista <3


This was a lot of fun and our looks compliment each other so well! This palette was created just for us lol❤️ Love you too blog sis!


You know when Morphe created this they were like, yep, Laura and Kristina know what’s up, we’re making this palette for them! haha


Loving your eye makeup!!


Thanks so much gorgeous <3


This has to be my favourite collab ever! You ladies are stunning! And I love how your looks complement each other – a little bit like yin and yang x


Thank you so much love that’s so sweet of you to say <3 I appreciate it !