Hey lovelees❤️ I had the pleasure of trying Lipsense, the most talked about liquid lipstick on social media and the internet. I was sent this product to review, however, all thoughts are honest and my opinion. I have always been curious to try this brand and was happy when a very sweet distributor by the name of Ashley contacted me. There will be a coupon code at the end of my review for my readers. To hear my thoughts and to see if this product lives up to the hype then keep reading. 


What is LipSense? 

One of SeneGence’s best sellers, LipSense claims to stay on for up to 18 hours. It’s unlike any other lip product on the market, it’s waterproof, it will not kiss-off, smear-off or budge-off. 

Main Ingredients

  • Peony Root Extract (natural calming flower herb)
  • St. John’s Wort Extract (natural herb with antibacterial and skin healing properties)
  • Linden Flower Extract (powerful antioxidant)

Lipsense is available in different finishes from frost, matte, and shimmer. They also have various shades from light to dark hues. 

3 Step Process

Lipcolor > Moisturizing Gloss > Ooops! Remover

The Moisturizing Gloss improves the longevity of the lip color and keeps it’s hydrated with Shea Butter and protects your lips.

The Ooops! Remover is a non-drying remover that will remove your Lipsense from your lips while keeping them conditioned with Vitamin A, B, C, & E. 

Ashley was so sweet to include some first-time user cards to help me with the process. 

LipSense in Apple Cider

How to Apply: (For best results)

  1. Make sure your lips are clean and dry.
  2. Shake your Lipsense a couple of times for about 5-10 seconds.
  3. Wipe excess color off your applicator tip.
  4. With lips parted apply from one corner of your lip to the other but DON’T go back and forth because it will cause streaking. (3 thin layers is ideal)
  5. Before adding each layer, allow drying in between.
  6. Finish with a top coat of your Moisturizing Gloss.
  7. Add gloss throughout the day as needed to seal the color.

Removal Process 

Makeup wipes did not remove this product from my lips, this stuff is powerful! If you put on three layers of product then you need to put three layers of Ooops! Remover to take off all the lip color from your lips.



I choose a very pretty pink nude shade called Apple Cider. I wanted something I could wear every day to work. At first, when I tried this product, I didn’t like it. I think I applied too much the first time and I noticed streaking as well as my lips looked crusty. I also didn’t like when I first applied the lip shade my lips burned! After reading more about the product I realized that was the SD40, which is a cosmetic grade alcohol that kills any bacteria. Once I applied the gloss it did go away. I decided to give this product another try and contacted Ashley for some tips. After using her tips, I realized this product wasn’t that bad. It lasted a whole 8hrs of work and till I took off my makeup at 12 am so a total of 15hrs which is pretty impressive. I did reapply the gloss after I ate lunch because I liked the how gloss my lips looked. I still have to work on getting used to the tingling feeling after applying the lip color. I did feel my lips looked plumper even though there is no lip plumping products in this product. Overall, I recommend this product if you are looking for an extremely long-lasting lip product. I still prefer my other liquid lipsticks over this product. I loved the gloss, my lips were so glossy and non-sticky, I also like the remover. Instead of tugging at my lips I love how they created a lip remover that conditions the lips at the same time. I think it’s honestly personal preference if you like this product. I know some people that love it and some that hate it. 

To try your own Lipsense product, use code LALEELOVE to receive 10% off

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To purchase using 10% or contact Independent Distributor Ashley:



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I want to try this so bad, but I kinda don’t like having to buy all three products for technically just one color. =/


Yea they definitely recommend you do to prolong the color. I need to try mine without the gloss and I will let you know how it last😘


Yes, please do!


Hi Linda,

I completely understand the hesitation about having to purchase all 3 products. While all 3 products are recommended, the Ooops! Remover is totally optional. The color and gloss are, however, must have’s because they work together as a team to make the lip color long lasting 🙂 The good thing is once you buy the gloss you are all set and don’t need to continue purchasing new glosses with every color, unless you want different finishes (ex. pearlescent, glittery, etc.). Like I said, the Ooops! Remover is optional. I have a lot of clients who opt not to get it at first and use soap and warm water instead.

I would love to chat with you some more and answer any other questions you might have about LipSense! You can email me at glossed.in.paradise@gmail.com, message me on Facebook, or reply back to this comment. <3


I do love the shade a lot! 🙂