Hello loves! Lip contouring has become very popular just like contouring your face, you can now contour your lips to make them appear bigger. I used all liquid lipsticks for this look but you can use lip stick also, your choice. Lets begin 🙂

  1. Choose three colors similar in color but that vary in tone. You will need a lighter shade, medium and a darker color. I chose ABH Pure Hollywood, KVD Lolita, and Wet n Wild High-Pitch Wine. All colors that go together beautifully.
  2. Find two detailed small brushes to paint your lips with.
  3. (Optional) dab a little of your favorite shimmer eyeshadow to the center of your lips for more definition.


  1. Start by taking Lolita (darkest color) and filling in your lips normally. Then once that dries you can move on to your second color.
  2. Use your small brush to dip into Wet n Wild High Pitch Wine (medium color) outline on your outer lip line and work your way in by blending the two colors.
  3. Take a small fluffy side brush and dab into Pure Hollywood (lightest color) concentrate this in the center of your lips where you want your lips to look the fullest and blend out.
  4. This last step is optional, I chose the color Blush by ABH from the new Self Made Palette. Take your small fluffy brush and pick up some eyeshadow and dab it lightly in the center of your lips for a WOW factor.

This is the end look. What do you think? I love it !


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Love your tutorial! I really like this lip combo, it is gorgeous <3


Thank you I appreciate that 🙂


I know what I’m adding to my beauty routine <3 Thanks for sharing!


Thank you 🙂