Hey lovelees ♥  I wanted to share with you, my Korean Beauty Nighttime Skincare Routine using Korean skin care products only. I have never been into skin care before. It’s embarrassing but I used to only use a makeup wipe to clean my face… gross right?! I started to really get into Korean skincare about a year ago and I haven’t looked back since. I now have a 6-step skincare routine (Korean skin care routines are normally 10 steps) I shortened mine so I would stick with it. My skin is brighter, clearer and I have smaller pores. If you are interested in my nighttime routine then keep reading. Links on where I buy my products will be below.

My skincare routine follows the same as a Korean skin care routine which consists of cleansing, toning, using essence, following up with a light cream then a heavy cream and then your final step would be a sheet mask or sleeping pack. I sometimes use a eye cream but not every night.

  1.  Oil Cleanser (The Face Shop Mango Seed Oil to Foam)The Face Shop Mango Seed CleanserI love this cleanser, it’s light even though it’s an oil cleanser which is great for getting off stubborn makeup. I wet my face first then use about two pumps and massage it into my face then I rinse my face with water. 
  2. Toner (COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner)COSRX AHA/BHA TonerI can’t believe I never used toner before, what a game changer! After I cleanse my face I use toner to dig deep and get the dirt that my cleanser couldn’t. Many toners are harsh but I love this one because it’s gentle and perfect for balancing my ph levels. I used a different toner before this one and didn’t notice a difference so I decided to switch.
  3. Essence (COSRX Whitening Power Essence)COSRX 95 Whitening Power EssenceI was so confused on which essence to buy but the lady at oo35mm  (Korean skincare store in NYC) recommended this one for my skin type. An essence is usually a serum that you apply to your face and it promotes skin benefits for specific skincare concerns. I wanted a brighter, glowy complexion, hydration and smaller pores. Don’t let the term whitening scare you it means brightening. 
  4. Light Moisturizer (MIZON Snail Recovery Gel Cream)Mizon Snail Recovery GelI know I mentioned this in my last post because I received this in my Bomibox (see post here) this is a new favorite that was added to my skincare routine.Within a week I saw results. Snail secretion is very popular in Korea, it provides lots of skin benefits like reduction in acne scars. This alone made a total difference in my skin. I apply it to my cheeks and chin every night.
  5. Heavy Moisturizer (Papa Recipe Bombee Lotion)Papa Recipe Bombee LotionI love this moisturizer I use it day and night for extra hydration. It keeps my skin moisturized all night without being oily. The main ingredient is honey which is very hydrating. I love that it comes with a pump applicator also. 

6. Sheet Mask or Sleeping PackKorean Beauty Sheet Mask

Lastly, I use a sheet mask if I want something quick and easy or a sleeping pack if I am looking for something extra for my skin. It depends on my mood.

Top 3 Korean Skincare Masks

  1. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask- This mask is great for Winter, extremely hydrating and your face will look youthful and bright the next morning. 
  2. Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack- This mask is also hydrating but more for every day use and there are actual green tea seeds in it. 
  3. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask- I also received this mask in my Bomibox, this one you wash off but you see results right away. My pores look smaller and my skin is so soft after just one use! The best part you only leave it on for 5 minutes then rinse off.

Korean Beauty Sleeping Masks

That’s it for my nightly skincare routine, If you have any questions on a certain product or where to buy something, please let me know below.

My favorite places to purchase Korean skincare & beauty: (Some links may be affiliated links)

*All items were purchased by me*

Memebox https://us.memebox.com (Used more for Korean beauty)

Amazon https://www.amazon.com (COSRX, Elizavecca Bubble Mask, Laneige, Mizon Snail Recovery Gel, Sheet Masks)

oo35mm http://www.oo35mm.com (Located in Chinatown, NYC; COSRX, Papa Recipe Bombee Lotion, Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack)

Bomibox http://bomibox.com/ (Korean skincare & beauty subscription box)

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I want to try everything you mentioned!!


Thanks love for the support <3 xoxo


I keep seeing the Korean skincare everywhere and always wondered if it’s worth trying out. Now I think I must have a go!

Julia x


Yes you must it’s really a game changer! and it really works <3 thanks for reading


Thanks for the post! I’ve always been interested in Korean skincare, this helped to learn more about it.


Your so welcome I am glad you found it helpful <3 xoxo