Hey lovelees ♥ I gathered my favorite products for the month of January to share with all of you! Better late than never. As I was gathering my products I realized they were all drugstore! The drugstore brands have really been coming out with some great quality products this year. To see my beauty favorites, keep reading.

Wet n Wild Photofocus Foundation ($5.99)

DSCF3354 I absolutely love this foundation, I have been wearing it every day since I got it. It leaves your skin flawless and is long lasting. It doesn’t leave your face super matte which I like but leaves it a satiny finish. For the price it’s a must have! I even got another one as a backup.  

 Wet n Wild Highlighter Powder, Precious Petals ($4.99)

DSCF3355I have three favorite highlighters from the drugstore. This one and another one you will see later in this post. The third one will be in my February favorites. After months of searching, this highlight finally showed up at my Walgreens and I’ve been obsessed! It’s the perfect shade for my skin tone. 

Wet n Wild Highlighter, Boozy Brunch ($4.99)

DSCF3358Casey on Youtube has been raving about this highlighter so I had to try it! it’s the perfect golden champagne highlight and it’s affordable I highly recommend. 

Boozy Brunch & Precious Petals

Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lip Color, Tiramisu ($4.99)

DSCF3343I also found these at my local Walgreens and I am in love! These are definitely Kylie Lip Kit dupes as far as formula and smell. Her new formula is less drying so I would say the Jordana’s are like her original formula but they still have a great formula and great shade selection. I have a spot on dupe for Koko K but that will be in my next post where I swatch these. 


Wet n Wild Gel Lipliner, Bare to Comment ($2.99)

DSCF3346I love this gel lipliner, it’s so easy to apply and the shade is perfect for all my pinky nude lipsticks, they are also long lasting. I highly recommend you try these out. 


Milani Make it Last Setting Spray ($9.99)

DSCF3341This setting spray is awesome and smells so good. Definitely the best setting spray from the drugstore. I don’t wear my makeup for 16 hours so I can’t comment on that but it does keep my makeup set the whole day at work. 

Kiss Faux Minx Lash Collection, Gala ($5.99)

DSCF3340These lashes are stunning without being over the top. They look and feel like high-end eyelashes, I need to pick up more from this collection. 

That’s it for my January favorites, I hope you enjoyed this post. Did you have any of the same favorites? Comment below. 

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XOXO Lalee (1)


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Love this post xx


thanks so much ! xoxo


I have been dying to try the Wet n Wild foundation and highlight (but I cant seem to find my shade at the local Walgreens) 🙁 but I love the liner and their new liquid lips, haven’t tried the Jordana ones. That Milani primer water is tempting me! Gonna get my hands on it when I see it! <3


Yea they don’t have many shades for the foundation which stinks. The Milani setting spray is a must! You will love it 🙂 thanks for reading.


Great picks! Btw did you self host!? I love your new site! 🙂



Yes I did <3 Thank you so much! I kept going back and forth with the theme but I think I am finally happy with everything. Thanks for noticing😍😍😍


I want to try the Jordana Liquid Lipsticks so bad!! You have a gorgeous shade!



Yes some of the shades are so gorgeous and pigmented I have a post coming up with swatches stay tuned 😘 Walgreens carries them xoxo


Those lashes look amazing! Tagged you in a blogging award! Feel free to check it out 🙂 https://styledbymckenz.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/blog-award-catch-up/


Thanks love that’s so sweet <3 xoxo😘


Wow that’s a great dupe for Kylie’s Koko! I’m going to have to go to the drugstore more often!
P.S. I’m obsessed with your nails. XoXo


Yes its an exact dupe! I tested it out , the Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Lippie in Creme Brulee on bottom lip and KoKo K on bottom lip and I couldn’t tell a difference ! It’s crazy lol, thanks love I need to get them redone 😘


How crazy!! Koko is one of my favorites but screw paying for it when there’s an exact dupe for it! ❤❤


Exactly I agree with you 😘


Those Wet N Wild products look amazing! Hopefully I can find them in a store near me XX


Nice post!! I love your blog and all of the pink! trendingwithtrina.com


Thank you so much hun, yes I love the color pink xoxo😀