Hey lovelees ♥ I am going to be talking about the Huda Beauty Palette, Rose Gold Edition. This palette had so much hype around it because Huda is well known in the beauty industry and she is like a Dubai Queen. I love following her on Instagam to see her gorgeous makeup looks. I first heard mixed reviews about this palette but wanted to try it for myself. Review and swatches will follow. 


The palette contains 18 eyeshadows ranging from satin, matte, and pressed pigments. The pressed pigments are what makes this palette unique. I have never seen this formula in a palette. The instructions on the box suggest you apply the pigments with your finger for maximum color pay off. 


  • Unique beautiful shades
  • Blendable 
  • Pigmented
  • Wide range of matte shades


  • Price
  • Can’t use a regular eyeshadow brush to apply
  • Black shade is not pigmented 
  • Some patchy shades



Overall, I think this palette does have some faults but the pro’s make up for the cons making this palette DOPE!  You can create a variety of looks and once you get used to using your finger to apply the pigments it makes it worth it. The pressed pigments are so unique and extremely pigmented. I do agree there are better palettes out there so it comes down to personal preference. 

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To Purchase: Sephora

Price: $65.00 US

XOXO Lalee



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Interesting take! I haven’t tried this palette yet but I have definitely heard more bad than good things about this palette. I hope you continue to enjoy this palette. If I hear more good reviews, I might try it out next year. For now, no buy…


Yea I definitely think it’s personal preference I am definitely a collector so I needed to buy it☺️ but it’s not like a must have. I do like the looks I have created so far with it. Thanks love 💕


Although this palette is pricey the shadows in the first row are absolutely amazing to the swatch… makes me want to spend some money on things I don’t need even more lol.


Sorry love ! I know I feel the same way when I scroll through Instagram lol. I think it’s personal preference if you need this palette they are better palettes out there


I’ve been wanting to try this palette because the colors are so beautiful and unique, but I’m not really into using my fingers to apply. Great review!


Thanks love💕 yes and it makes it double hard if you have fake nails lol 😂 the colors are pretty though


I want this palette soooooo much 😥


It’s a pretty palette and swatches beautifully but I do think there better palettes out there 💕


i’m just a massive sucker for ‘youtube made me buy it’ products ;P


me too haha I totally understand <3


I agree with you! Its a nice palette but it isn’t amazing – it is definitely pricey though!



Exactly there are better palettes out there 💕💕 thanks hun


The shimmery colours are just beautiful! But I wish it wasn’t so pricey…! x


I agree the packaging should be better too for the price. <3