Hey lovelees ♥ I was feeling inspired by my nails to create this fun look. I was in an inspiration rut until I went to the nail salon and found inspiration. They used a holographic powder on my nails which reminded me of the galaxy with purple and blue hues. I created this look for fun and I hope you enjoy it. Steps on how to achieve this look will be below.   



What you will need:

  • Glitter glue
  • Any color glitter
  • Any shade lip stick color as a base
  • Eyeshadow shade depending on desired look
  • Small eyeshadow packing brush

This lip look was really simple, you first need to think of the colors you want to use or think of something that inspires you like a sunset. 

How to create a glitter lip:

  1. First apply lip liner then apply your chosen lipstick color 
  2. Take your glitter glue and apply a little bit on your lips
  3. Dip into the glitter with a small brush and apply to the lips, packing on to build up intensity. 
  4. Then take an eyeshadow in a similar color and blend in until you get your desired look. This will create a gradient look. 

I used purple, blue and an iridescent shade for my look. I hope you enjoyed this look.  I wanted to be creative and try something new!


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WOW Beautiful lip! I definitely want to try this! I’ve seen so many galaxy inspired makeup looks and lip combos but when I try, it never looks right.


Thanks so much hun I am glad you liked it. It didn’t take me long at all to create just needed some inspiration.


I nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award! Do check it out.


Thank you so much this is awesome !! <3 sorry your comment was in my spam but I am glad I saw it now.