Hey lovelees ♥ I am so excited to bring you this inspired makeup look! I wanted to do something fun and a little bit different. I was definitely feeling the mermaid vibes. This is in collaboration with AKissAtMidnight you can check them out here. They are two talented writers that have a passion for romance novels.

There are certain elements of fantasy that have captured our hearts but what do we really now about them? Mermaids have become a cultural phenomenon. People are selling crocheted mermaid tale blankets, and swim bottoms that cover your legs as if you were a mermaid. But have we stopped to go over what it means to be a mermaid? What they do besides sun bathe on rocks?                                                          ~AKissAtMidnight


Products Used: 

  • Too Faced Totally Cute Palette shades in UnicornClover, Storm Cloud
  • Makeup Geek eyeshadow in Mermaid
  • Makeup Geek Blush in Secret Admirer
  • Makeup Revolution Palette in Blush Goddess 
  • Revlon Photo Ready Kajal Eyeliner in Matte Marine
  • MAC Lipstick in Violetta
  • Wet n Wild Liquid Lipstick in Indigo Your Own Way
  • A pair of fishnet stockings

How many of you have seen Peter Pan? Do you recall what happened when Wendy first entered Neverland? They tried to drown her.                                             ~AKissAtMidnight




  1. Begin by taking fishnet stockings and placing them on the side of your face and forehead. This will create a stencil for the scales. 
  2. Dab into your favorite shade and press onto the fishnet stockings, repeat with another shade on top to create dimension. I used MUG, Mermaid mixed with Unicorn from the Totally Cute palette. You can make the scales as dramatic as you want.
  3. Prime eyelids with any eyeshadow primer. Using a flat shader brush, I pressed in MUG Mermaid on the center of lid and blended it into the crease and upwards into the outer V creating a wing.
  4. Then I took the shade Clover and blended that into my crease. I wanted a pigmented crease so I went in about 3x with the same shade to get my desired look. 
  5. For my outer V, I wanted it to be a little more dramatic so I used the shade Storm Cloud to deepen it up and make that wing more intense. 
  6. Blend, I took the two colors from my eyelids Mermaid & Clover and smudge them on my lower lashline to pull the look together.
  7. Apply your favorite foundation & conceal areas you normally would.
  8. Add a cooler tone blush, I used MUG, Secret Admirer. 
  9. Add highlight, I wanted to create a rainbow effect highlight. I used MUR Blush Goddess Palette which contains 4 highlighters and 4 blushes. I used the first 3 shades mixed and applied them to my cheekbones, nose, cupid bow, inner corners.DSCF0765_picmonkeyed
  10. Last to finish off the look! I thought metallic lips would look really cool so I used MAC Violetta as a base and added Wet n Wild, Indigo Your Own Way for dimension.

Final Look!


A Little Mermaid History….

Mermaids bring their victims to the bottom of the oceans to die. Some legends say that mermaids do this to suck the life out of the sailors while others say that they do it for fun or to protect their home. Need another pop culture reference? Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides the same thing almost happened except one of them had a heart. She couldn’t let Sam Claflin die. Well I don’t blame her because he is gorgeous.

So other than Ariel, and the mermaid from Pirates, what are some other mermaid legends that don’t end with Davy Jones’ locker. Well, the Merrow, as the Irish call them, lived along the coast and had beautiful green hair. They would also lure men to them but not to kill them. But rather to bring them to their kingdom and live together. The Merrow just want what most women want…a good looking sailor to stand by their side. They were believed to have magical powers, and if you caught them on a good day (like all women, they were known to have a bad day every now and again) they wouldn’t bring harm to the sailors. There are also Cornish mermaids who are said to have magical powers such as healing or discovering thieves. These mermaids have passed down these powers to humans over the years. 

All in all, Mermaids, like everything else, have good and bad sides. People will always be fascinated by them and they will continue to influence our pop culture one book or movie at a time.

Here is a list of a couple mermaid books that you could check out if the idea of brushing your hair with a dinglehopper or using a clam shell bra still lights a fire within your soul.

Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon

The Mermaid’s Sister by Carrie Ann Noble

The Mermaid’s Mirror by L. K. Madigan

Sailor Twain: or The Mermaid of the Hudson by Mark Siegel

The Last Mermaid by Shana Abe


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